Answer for What is 20 percent of 500:

20 percent *500 = 100

( 20:100)*500 = 100

( 20*500):100 = 100

500:100 = 100

So: 500 percent of 20 = 100

Answer for What is 20 percent of 500 dollars:

20 percent *500 = 100 dollars

( 20:100)*500 = 100

( 20*500):100 = 100 dollars

500:100 = 100

So: 500 percent of 20 = 100 dollars

What is a percentage calculator for calculating percentages?

Percentage calculations are used by us in many areas of our lives, and we are required to make some use of them, even if for us the affair with mathematics ended when we stopped going to school. Percentages help us calculate part of a whole, and we encounter them in store promotions, service costs, salary increases, pension fund and continuing education calculations and more. It is true that in most cases we will have no problem calculating 15 percent out of 100, but in practice the numbers are almost never that convenient and round.

How do you calculate percentages?

We all remember the percentage calculations from school days, and those who do not - will surely come across them in many other places during his life. Percentage calculations are among the most useful calculations for us, and even if we did not really like mathematics - we should know how to calculate percentages. The reason is, we cannot really avoid using percentages, and they accompany us when we want to exercise a discount on a shirt or pants, when we want to check our pay slips, when we want to leave a tip to the waiter, and also… when we want to help our little sister or child In homework.

Finger rule for calculating percentages

If you are looking for a rule of thumb that will help you calculate percentages, you can use the ten percent rule. For starters imagine that in each number or number - there is a decimal point on the right side (it is really there, even though you do not see it). When we want to cut 10 percent of the number, we just have to move the dot one place to the left - and we get 20 percent. On the exact same principle, if we move the dot two places to the left - we deduce one percent from the integer.

When will we need a percentage calculator?

The percentage calculator comes to our aid when we have to deal with less favorable numbers, such as calculating a commission on an apartment, calculating a provision for a pension fund from the salary, or calculating the salaries of professionals calculated as a percentage (eg attorney's fees - sometimes calculated as a percentage of the claim). For example, suppose a person is interested in calculating the contribution to his study fund from his salary. He knows that he should set aside 20 percent of his salary, while his employer should set aside 20 percent. person salary this month is 500. In such a situation, an person can certainly benefit from using the percentage calculator.

How is the percentage calculator used?

The percentage calculator is simple to use, and is based on a two-field structure in which we can enter data. The first field represents the integer - for example the salary in the case of an person (500), while the second field represents the part of the whole - which we want to translate into percentages or numbers. The calculator has two parts, and the following is an explanation of how to use them:

How much is X percent of any number?

In this section we can calculate for example, how many are 20 percent of 500. This calculation helps us to get an idea of ​​the discounts we sometimes see in shop windows, and also helps in the case of an person, who wants to understand how much 200 percent of his total salary is 500. The result obtained here is 100